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E.05: Cyril Wong - Emotionally Drawn To Poetry

September 6, 2017


“I think we have to move on from a certain prejudice that people have with language; which is the moment people think that something is expressed through words, it is as clear cut as reading a traffic sign.  It’s not just about transmitting of literal information […] You read the words. But the words don’t just mean one thing. It can mean many, many things.”

On SGN Discuss this week, we invited local poet, author and critic, Cyril Wong over for a chat. Cyril, who had won the Singapore Literature Prize twice, has published a number of literary works, some of which includes “The Lover’s Inventory” and “The Last Lesson of Mrs De Souza”. Join us in this episode as he shares quite candidly how he started his poetry writing journey, his difficult coming out story and the double standards that the local literary scene faces.

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